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Best Practices: Choosing Images for Your Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest, the newest social network to make it to the big leagues is an untapped resource for most companies. We came across this great infographic by Curalate and had to share our favorite takeaways. (Some of the text is hard to read, you can click on any of the tiles to see a larger, more detailed version of the image).

Brighten it up, gloomy.pinterest graphic piece 4

If you’re having a hard time choosing between a dark dramatic picture and a light and airy one, err on the sunny side.

Also pump up the saturation, images with 50% saturation are clicked on 39 more times than lower saturation images.

pinterest graphic piece 5

Be Colorful

pinterest graphic piece 3

The number of colors, and their hue are also important to how users engage. Multiple colors and warmer hues will raise your engagement. pinterest graphic piece 2

Cropping Matterspinterest graphic piece 8

I hate to say it but no one wants to see your beautiful face! Pictures with faces get less interactions than those that without. Also, too much empty space leaves users yawning. Try to keep your pictures lively like this adorable living room pictured below.

pinterest graphic piece 7

Although Pinterest can accommodate any size image (as long as it’s big enough), make sure you’re getting the most re-pins by maintaining a 2-3 ratio.

pinterest graphic piece 6

To see the full infographic, with other fantastic take-aways, click here

Now it’s your turn to talk!

Do you use Pinterest? What’s your favorite category to pin from? Do you have a board that you’re proud of? Post yours in the comments below (and for the record, here’s mine).

 If you’d like more information on how your company can start a Pinterest account and bring thousands of leads to your website using just pictures, send us a message.


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